Wholesale / B2B

Are you looking to become a reseller or get your own customized design?


At Christmassweats B2B is one of our specialties! With some of most competitive prices and experience on the market - we can fullfill your needs!


Whether it is a customized sweater for your company, football or store. 

We have more than 200 customers - and can deliver whatever you'd like! Only the imagination (and sewing machine) will set a limit. 

Furtherly we do prival label productions and we have delivered customized christmas jumpers for hypermarkets, bands, football clubs and companies. 

Our MOQ is 100 pieces in customized designs. 
Prices can vary depending on order size. 


How is the process?

We will help with everything. Create a design you can approve, the production and delivery. 
Since we started we've produced above 250.000 Christmas Jumpers.

And in 2021 alone we are producing more than 350.000 units! 

Contact to hear about our solutions

Christmas Sweats are in charge of the entire process from design to producing to delivery. This means that if you want a custom made Christmas jumper for your co-workers, followers, fans or friends we can help create your unique sweater and have it produced in large quantities.
We require a minimum order of 100 sweaters, and whether you would like to see your logo on the sweater, lights or a specific design we will meet your requirements.

We have a big portfolio with a variety of designs tailored to your store where the minimum order is 20 sweaters. This is ideal for clothing stores, Christmas markets or a Christmas party.


Contact Jesper on Jas@jule-sweaters.dk or +45 60661602


General questions and terms

What are your Christmas sweaters made of?

Our Christmas sweaters come in either Acrylic or 100% Sustainable Cotton

Where do you get your christmas jumpers produced?

In China and Bangladesh at highly recognized factories that produce the clothing according to ethically correct standards and working conditions.

Who are you?

We are two young men of 28 - who in addition to having been best friends for many years, run the business.

Order, price and payment

How soon does my order arrive?

If your Christmas sweater is ordered before 1 pm, your order will arrive 97% of the time the day after.


Our prices range from 20-79€, -


Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, and various other cards can be used for payment. Payment is deducted as soon as we ship the item.



We deliver with GLS


You can choose to either pick up at a store near you, or to pay extra for home delivery


Upon return, you must send the item back to
Jule-Sweaters ApS

Gunnar Clausensvej 26B

8260m Viby J

With receipt and instructions on what you want (Return, exchange or something third)

DOA and Support

Defective situations
complaints and errors
In the event of a defective item, complaints or errors in the order - please contact us at info@jule-sweaters.dk - and inform us of what the problem is, as well as an order number. Then we will solve it soon.