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Christmas sweaters for couples

40 products


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Would you like matching Christmas sweaters or are you trying to surprise someone you love with a matching sweater? Then you have come to the right place. On this page, you can see all our Christmas sweaters for couples and get inspiration for which sweaters to choose.


The perfect Christmas gift for your loved one

What do you get the man or woman who has everything? A Christmas sweater of course! Whether the sweater is adorned with a classic design or has more fun and bold motifs, Christmas sweaters are always received well. And with good reason.

A Christmas sweater is first and foremost a warm piece of clothing that is much appreciated in the cold winter months when temperatures drop down below freezing. In addition to this, Christmas sweaters inevitably spread joy with their Christmassy, festive and sometimes fun motifs.

Surprise your partner with matching Christmas sweaters for couples

Surprise your boyfriend, spouse, or other loved one with matching Christmas sweaters. Matching Christmas sweaters are both cosy, cute and maybe a little over the top. But at Christmas time, everything is allowed. We have a large selection of Christmas sweaters, which are available in the same design for both men and women.

Christmas is a time with countless Christmas events with your friends and family, and these are the perfect occasion for couples to arrive in matching Christmas sweaters. These yearly events are probably the only time you and your partner will be wearing the same clothes, so that people will inevitably notice it.




Classic Christmas sweaters for couples

Choose a Christmas sweater design that works for you as a couple. You can choose to go with your designs or wear matching Christmas sweaters.

If you want two different Christmas sweaters, but still want to retain a common thread in your looks, then maybe choose two classic Christmas sweaters, but in two different colours. We have our classic Christmas sweaters with snowflakes, Christmas balls or reindeer in a red version and in a dark blue version.

You can also choose classic motifs that match. This could be our cosy, red Christmas lunch sweater, which oozes Christmas and fits both men and women. If you are into the more minimalistic style, our simple and elegant graphic Christmas sweater would be the perfect choice for a matching Christmas sweater.

Alternative and fun Christmas sweaters for couples

If you want to turn up the volume and you know that you have to attend a lot of Christmas lunches and Christmas parties together, then our beer pong Christmas sweater is a massive hit among the participants. The Beer pong Christmas sweater is equipped with six beer pong cups, accompanying balls, and bold quotes on the back. You can also find many of our extra fun Christmas sweaters on this page.

If you choose to buy two matching Christmas sweaters with beer pong on them, you can challenge each other and other guests at the Christmas events to the classic game! We promise you that it will undoubtedly boost the Christmas spirit. If you are looking for two different festive Christmas sweaters for couples, then one can stick to the beer pong Christmas sweater, while the other acquires a dart Christmas sweater. The dart Christmas sweater is equipped with a cute Rudolph, whose red nose acts as a dartboard. The Christmas sweater comes with 6 balls that will stick to Rudolph's nose when you hit the target.

If you need more inspiration for Christmas sweaters for couples, take a look at our front page. Here, you can see our gallery and find your way to our Instagram, where there is plenty of inspiration.


Always free shipping on purchases over 40€ and fast delivery

Besides having the best Christmas sweaters on the market, we also want to provide the best service to our customers. That is why we offer free shipping on purchases over DKK 249 - which includes almost all our products. In addition to this, we offer extremely fast day-to-day delivery in Denmark.

So, even if you may have started your shopping a little late, we will make sure that you get to celebrate Christmas wearing your new Christmas sweater.