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Custom Design


Wholesale Christmas sweater

Whatever you call it, we have them all. Whether you are looking for Christmas sweaters for women, Christmas sweaters for men or Christmas sweater for children, we have something for everyone.

We design our own Christmas sweaters from scratch to ensure the most beautiful and unique
designs. We also have a wide selection of Christmas sweaters with lights and 3D decorations - or if you are simply looking for an affordable Christmas sweater, we should have something to fit your taste as well. All our Christmas sweaters are made of the highest quality, and they come in either Acrylic or Sustainable Cotton.
We offer wholesale for all of Europe.

Who wears Christmas sweaters?

A Christmas sweater can be worn by anyone. That is why we have a large selection for both women, men and children. You can see all our collections by clicking on the
category you want to browse: women’s Christmas sweaters, men’s Christmas sweaters, and children’s Christmas sweaters. Our sizes range from adults down to sweaters
to fit babies (1-year-olds).

Where do Christmas sweaters come from?

The trend started many years ago and has, until recently, mostly been a thing in the US
and England. Think of Home Alone, Bridget Jones, or the Griswald family. The trend flared up, however, and Christmas sweaters have now become an established
form of Christmas attire that is mandatory during the Christmas months. And as
time went on, it also became popular in Scandinavia, and it was not long before
you could find a Christmas sweater in Zalando, Debenhams, Amazon, or H&M.

Differences in Christmas sweaters?

However, through our designs, we try to make designs that suit the whole family. And that is why we decided to make our Christmas sweaters in unisex sizes, so whether you are a woman or a man, baby, child, or something completely
different, we should have a Christmas sweater in just the right size.

Who are Christmassweats?

ChristmasSweats was started in 2015 in a small apartment in Aarhus, where 450 Christmas sweaters were initially ordered by two best friends. It started as a hobby company, but now, 6 years later, we produce over 300.000 Christmas sweaters annually. Since our launch, we have produced 1.000.000 Christmas sweaters in total. We are proud of that number, because through our webshops in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain & France, we have sold over 1.000.000 Christmas sweaters so far. And the rest are sold through our dealers and partners across Europe.

Do you make other Christmas clothes?

For many, Christmas is one of the absolute highlights of the year. We have a lovely time with the family, eat great food, bake cakes, decorate the Christmas tree, and give and receive presents. Christmas is full of traditions such as Christmas dinner, dancing around the Christmas
tree, festive party games, and much more. One of the newer traditions is to wear a Christmas sweater. Christmas sweaters have made
their entrance in Denmark over the last few years, and the sweaters are called everything from Christmas sweaters to Christmas blouses, or Christmas jumpers.

These Christmas sweaters can come in many shapes and forms. The phenomenon originates from England and the United States. Here, you even have a so-called 'Ugly
Christmas sweater day', where you wear these fantastic Christmas sweaters. They are also often seen in well-known American Christmas films such as ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ and especially in ‘National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation’, where the main character Clark is wearing a Christmas sweater throughout the entire film.

Here at Christmassweats.com, we think that Christmas sweaters should be a regular part of
celebrating Christmas Eve. So, take a look at our many different designs and find a Christmas sweater that suits you and your family.

Get the best terms if you want to do wholesale with us

We hope you'llenjoy our designs and will find your Christmas sweater for Christmas 2022 in one of our many designs. In any case, we wish you the most glorious, cosy and memorable Christmas (Hopefully wearing a sweater from our huge selection