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Christmas Jumpers with lights & 3D

39 products


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Christmas sweaters with LIGHTS and 3D decorations are one of our specialties!

If you don’t own a Christmas sweater with lights yet - then it's about time!

We have a wide selection of Christmas sweaters with lights, 3D decorations or other silly features that gives you a fun Christmas sweater.

Since we launched, sales of our embellished textiles have exploded. This is especially true of our Christmas sweater with lights.

We tried to add them for the first time in 2017, and since then, we have expanded the range of Christmas sweaters with lights from 2 to over 15 different kinds.

We have the widest selection of Christmas sweaters in Europe. And the coolest thing is that we design our sweaters ourselves. Because of this, you can only find our Christmas sweaters on our website and at our official partners, such as Boozt.com and Zalando.

We have over 70 designs, so we hope you can find your new Christmas sweater here.

With or without lights – that is totally up to you.