The story behind Christmassweats.com

Jule-sweaters ApS is a Danish Christmas sweater company founded in 2016. The philosophy at Jule-sweaters is simple; we wish to make Christmas even cosier than it already is by offering fun, wild and cosy Christmas sweaters to everybody. We design the sweaters ourselves, but we can’t say we knit them ourselves, which probably is a good thing! All our sweaters are unisex, meaning men, women and kids can all wear them. Find the sweaters by clicking on the ‘shop’ icon on this page. Every year we visit various Christmas markets around Denmark. Among other Jule-sweaters visits Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus and the H.C. Andersen Christmas market. Here you can find us in our booth, selling Christmas sweaters. You are more than welcome to stop by and say hello and try the sweaters on; we’re always happy to help. We have a Facebook page, which you can visit here: www.facebook.com/julesweaters. You are welcome to give us a like. During the Christmas months there’ll be fun posts about Christmas sweaters and contests where you can win awesome things! We are four founders, and we all love Christmas. In fact, we claim to be the ones in Denmark who wear Christmas sweaters most often. We appreciate feedback of any kind so please do not hesitate to call or email us with any feedback you may have - we’ll be ready to respond in our Christmas sweaters. Best Christmas wishes, Casper, Christoffer, Jesper & Oskar.