About us

The story of Christmassweats or Jule-Sweaters ApS is a Danish Christmas sweater company, which started in 2016. The concept at Jule-Sweaters is very simple: we want to make Christmas even cosier than it already is, by offering fun, cosy, and festive Christmas sweaters.

We design our own Christmas sweaters, but unfortunately, we cannot claim to be knitting them ourselves, which is probably a good thing in terms of the look and quality of the sweaters. All our sweaters are unisex, so they are fit for men, women and children, and you can see them all under the shop icon on this page.

Jule-Sweaters travel around to several different Danish Christmas markets, including Tivoli Copenhagen, Tivoli Friheden, and H.C. Andersen Christmas Market. Here, we have stands where we sell Christmas sweaters on all opening days. So, if you are in the vicinity of any of these places, you are more than welcome to come and try our Christmas sweaters. We will be ready to greet you with big smiles and good Christmas sweater advice.

We have a Facebook page, which can be viewed via this link www.facebook.com/julesweaters. You are very welcome to give the site a look and alike. During the Christmas months, you will find fun and cosy posts with our Christmas sweaters, alongside competitions with the opportunity to win fun and cool prizes.

We are the 2 owners of Jule-Sweaters and we both love Christmas. So, if you have any comments, feedback, questions or anything else, please get in touch. We are sat in our Christmas sweaters, ready to answer your message or call.

With kind Christmas greetings,
Christoffer & Jesper


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