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Sustainable Christmas Jumpers

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A Christmas sweater in sustainable cotton is the new material used for most of our bestsellers. In addition to this, we believe that we are the only ones offering Christmas sweaters in sustainable materials at all.



Our Christmas sweaters in sustainable cotton are our latest addition.

Organic/Sustainable Cotton is characterised by using up to 90% less water in cultivation, while also not being exposed to chemicals or pesticides.

We make our sustainable products at our factory in Bangladesh that produces GOTS-Certified clothing for multiple other large clients.

We have, however, chosen not to purchase this certification just yet, as it is a fairly costly investment.

But we can announce that our sustainable Christmas sweaters are prepared according to the same standards, so it is in the works.

Our Organic Christmas Sweaters are Oeko-tex certified, however.

We hope that all of you will welcome our initiative, where we, are (perhaps) the first company in Europe, to sell Christmas sweaters made from sustainable cotton. At least we have had a hard time finding others that claim to do so. And we believe that this is the way forward - for all our sakes.

In addition to this, our clear mission/vision is that the sustainable alternative should not be more costly than other alternatives. Price should not be the deciding factor in how sustainable you as an individual can be.

We hope that you will support our new initiative and find your new favourite Christmas sweater in sustainable cotton right here.